About Us

Hello & welcome to B & B Craft Supplies;

I would like to start by introducing myself! I'm Jayd; the founder, creator, website designer, mailer... let's be honest; it's only me here. Welcome to my one woman show!!

In June of 2019 I welcomed my first baby, Bryton. Though I was overjoyed with his arrival I was hit hard with postpartum depression. I knew I needed a creative outlet to help repair my brain, and to give myself another identity other than Mom.

By October of 2019 I had discovered the world of silicone beads & teethers; and I fell in love. So then I started my small business, then called Babes & Beads. I put my heart and soul into Babes & Beads, and soon had a thriving business. I was in many stores, shipping worldwide but there was something missing. I could not find the supplies that I wanted, and to top it off there were only two silicone bead suppliers in Canada, with one shutting down. 

I then started to research sourcing my own beads from silicone factories; but the minimum order quantities were quite high and I did not have the need for that many beads. I then started to sell my excess on silicone bead buy and sells. In the meantime I had my husband renovate our basement to open a daycare. I went through the schooling, and fell pregnant. So, I was pregnant, had a one and a half year old, taking courses at a local college, running a full time daycare alone, making silicone products, and importing silicone beads and selling them. To say I had my plate full was an understatement. 

Soon came the day where I had to choose; the daycare or the beads. I thought long and hard about my decision, got a lot of peoples’ input and everyone encouraged me to continue the daycare. After all, that is what I went to school for. But I could not ignore my calling. So, I shut down the daycare and once again renovated the basement, but this time to house my growing collection of silicone beads. In November of 2020 I launched Babes & Beads’ sister company, B & B Craft Supplies. 

This was not an easy task, the crazy shipping prices, customs duties, and trying to find reliable suppliers were all feats in themselves. I slowly kept growing, adding more and more bead storage, shipping many orders a week; all while still running Babes & Beads, being a mom to a toddler, and very very pregnant. It was in February of 2021 I made the hard decision to close down Babes & Beads to focus more on B & B Craft Supplies. 

Once I switched all my attention to the wholesaling aspect the business grew rapidly, with many lessons; good & bad. But man has it been worth it. 

Here we are in year two of B & B Craft Supplies and I can only dream about how we may grow in the future; the sky is the limit and we are shooting for the moon!

If you would like to see more from B & B please follow us on Instagram @b_and_b_craft_supplies

Hope to hear from you soon!!

XX Jayd 


We offer wholesale discounts for those of you wishing to order higher quantities! 

Wholesale discounts are calculated at checkout. 

Order of $150 use code wholesale10 to save 10%

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