Teether & Bead Sponsorship

1. Please EMAIL your request to bandbteethingsupplies@gmail.com. I receive so many DM messages that I cannot keep track of each request in that form.  This email must include your idea in picture form, with measurements and a detailed written explanation of the design and title the email Sponsorship. The email must also include information about your shop, yourself, how long you have been open, your inspiration and why you feel this item will be a good seller.



2. Please include the following information about the financial aspect of creating a custom design.

a. Do you need full sponsorship? Where no money is paid until the items come in and you purchase them for your own shop.

b. Partial sponsorship? Where you are prepared to pay for a portion of the cost upfront.


For all levels of sponsorship, you will sign and must agree not to disclose, to anyone, any supplier that is used or that you are made aware of and that B&B will have the exclusive wholesale rights to any item. This means that you will have 3 weeks from the time you receive your custom items to debut them as a custom made product from your shop.


Depending on the level of sponsorship, there will be different requirements set up and spelled out in a written agreement that you will sign once you have been selected for the program. Please understand I cannot help everyone all at once. Funds are limited for this special project and as time goes on I will be able to help more and more shops.


Here are some of the basic guidelines that you should follow when submitting your idea for consideration.


- Original and creative ideas only.

- No trademarked items or items that could be considered or confused with a trademarked item or image.

- One idea/item, per shop/creator per application.  You may submit multiple applications however each item will be considered individually.

- Once an application is submitted you may not edit or change your submission until such time that it has been accepted and the process has begun to create your idea/item.


Please allow 7 days to receive a response. There may be more questions or information needed before a decision is made.


Thank you all for your support and excitement over this new venture for B&B