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B & B Teething Supplies

White Letter Beads

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Silicone letter beads white in colour with black lettering 

12mm in size 

Choose to order each individual bead or order our alphabet starter kit! 

Our Alphabet Starter Kit includes 125 beads including: Ax10, Bx3, Cx3, Dx3, Ex10, Fx3, Gx3, Hx3, Ix10, Jx3, Kx3, Lx8, Mx3, Nx5, Ox8, Px3, Qx2, Rx8, Sx7, Tx5, Ux7, Vx3, Wx3, Xx3, Yx3, Zx3




Food Grade Silicone

Lead Free

BPA Free

Mercury Free

Phthalate Free

Cadmium Free

Tasteless & Odourless

This product is sold individually, bead by bead. Price is for 1 bead, in the letter  picked.